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Mental Health Counselor

Reasons to See a Mental Health Counselor

A mental health counselor is a professional who utilizes different therapy methods and techniques to help those who are experiencing psychological distress.

A mental health counselor provides a number of services on a regular basis to help clients. This can include assessing and diagnosing clients who are experiencing symptoms of any psychological distress, providing psychotherapy, talking to clients about emotions, thoughts and experiences, conducting group sessions with families, working with clients to develop a treatment plan and help gain insight through treatment, and working with clients to identify situations, thoughts, and behaviors that could interfere with wellness. Counselors may also refer clients to other health professionals, as well as resources in the community, such as social services or support groups. Counseling will be on the individual's needs. Instead of focusing on dysfunction, counselors see problems as arising from developmental changes or difficulty dealing with specific life stages. Due to this, counselors can focus on personal development to help you learn coping abilities.

Many people face mental health challenges throughout life and it’s perfectly normal to get counseling services. Struggles can include depression, grief, anxiety, addiction, or difficulty coping with life’s challenges and stresses. Some of the reasons why you may want to see a mental health counselor include experiencing repeated memories or uncomfortable thoughts related to a traumatic experience, when life seems unmanageable, you feel uninterested in things you used to love, you are disconnecting from people around you, your anxiety feels overwhelming, your relationships feel strained, or you feel like you would benefit from talking about concerns with a trained professional. You don’t need to be experiencing symptoms from a physiological disorder to get help. Counselors and other professionals help with a wide range of concerns, including health, relationships, and stress. Whether your goal is to get help with insight into your behaviors, become a better parent or spouse, or just become motivated to achieve goals, mental health professionals can help.

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