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PTSD Treatment

Common PTSD Treatment Options

PTSD can happen after a deeply scary or threatening event. Even if you're not directly involved, the shock of what happened could be so great that it’s hard to live a normal life. There are some common PTSD treatment options you should know.

Therapy: This goal with this PTSD treatment is to improve symptoms, teach you skills to help cope, and restore your self-esteem. Many therapies fall under the umbrella of CBT to change the thought patterns that disturb your life.

Meditation & Breathwork: Meditation and concentrated breathing can help a trauma survivor or someone who struggles with PTSD to get in touch with and heal their negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions.


Medications: The brains of those who have PTSD process threats differently, partly due to the balance of chemicals. Medications can help stop thinking about and reacting to what happened. There are different drugs that have been approved by the FDA, including Prozac and Zoloft.

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