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Anxiety & Perfectionsim

We are more often frightened than hurt.

We suffer more from imagination than reality.


Lately, you feel like you're drowning.

You feel like you can't seem to catch up,

let alone get ahead.

The to-do list is endless, and even when you cross something off,

three more things get added to it. 

You claw, fight, and struggle to make it all work,

but you keep sinking deeper and deeper,

and you’re not sure how much energy you have left.


The goals keep you going (and you always meet them)...


Once I get a promotion, things will be better.

 Once the kids are in college, I can rest.

Once I finish this project, I’ll be happy.


The thing always meet or exceed these goals,

and you somehow still don’t feel enough

New goals replace the accomplished ones,

your mind repeats the above story lines,

and the merry-go-round continues.


It’s not that you are chasing these accomplishments, these destinations.

You’re chasing happiness, contentment, joy, and freedom.

The hard truth is that these accomplishments (you have thousands)

never bring you what you actually want, and the stress of your career,

your responsibilities, and wanting to create a work-life balance

seems to be choking the life right out of you.


You might be here because it feels like

there is a lunatic trapped inside your head with you.

Your body and mind don’t seem to be part of your team anymore. 

You’re noticing that no matter how hard you try, nothing seems enough.

It feels like there is a ton of bricks on your chest, and it’s really hard to breathe.

Sleep used to be your friend, but even sleep has slipped through your grasp,

leaving you feeling crushed and exhausted the next morning.


It’s time.

You’re ready.

You’ve had enough of this stress-filled,

anxiety-ridden, not-feeling-enough carnival ride

that has cost you too much and brought no satisfaction. 


You’re ready for peace.

You’re ready for calm.

You’re ready for a quiet mind.

You’re ready to feel like you’re enough.


You’re ready to figure out how to enjoy the life that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

I can help.
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Therapy for Anxiety & Perfectionism

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