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Therapy For Depression

How Often Should You Go To Therapy for Depression?

When exploring therapy for depression in Winter Park Florida, how often you go will depend on your personal circumstances. You may be going to therapy individually, as well as having group sessions.

When you are just starting treatment, you should go to therapy once a week or every other week. This is the time to get to know the therapist. If you are still explaining your history to your new therapist then you don’t want too much time to pass between sessions. Even if you have been in therapy for some time, it’s still best to not go that long between sessions since it can be harder to make progress and keep up with momentum.

You may be stuck with how often you can go based on what your insurance will pay for if you are using insurance. In general, an insurance company won’t pay for more than one session per week.

Once a therapist deems someone to be in the maintenance stage then he or she can stagger appointments out to once a month or so, just to brush up on skills to manage mental health.

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