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Therapy Near Me

Ways To Find Therapy Near Me

If you are searching for some emotional help and are looking for therapy near me, you may not know where to start. Making the decision to get emotional help is hard enough already so you shouldn’t be stressed out finding the right therapist.

Ask for Recommendations: One of the best ways to find therapy near me is by asking for recommendations. You can ask a professional you already trust and respect. This can be any professional, including lawyers, physicians, or dentists you work with regularly. These people all run businesses and provide services just as therapists do. These people can be well connected in the community and refer each other to people all the time. You don’t need to go into the details of why you are asking and just be vague in your requests. You can also ask family and friends for a recommendation as long as they will be supportive. You don’t want to search the yellow pages for therapy since there is no regulation or oversight on who can list and many of the good therapists wouldn’t even be in there.

Use a Known Therapist: If you have a friend or a friend of a friend who is a therapist, ask for a referral. This is a common practice among therapists. They understand that you aren’t able to see them for whatever reason and will have a recommendation for you. For example, if you  don’t want to go to your sister’s therapist, even if she likes him or her, he or she should have some other names of qualified therapists in the community.

Use Resources at Work: Many workplaces have an employee assistance program to help with emotional support and counseling for employees in privacy.

Use Your Insurance Company: You could be lucky and have an insurance company with a helpful customer service department who can suggest therapists that specialize in what you need and are covered by your insurance policy.

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