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Goal-Based vs. Values-Based Living

Goals are important right? Goals give our life purpose, drive, and potentially meaning. What happens when we meet our goal? The satisfaction fades quickly, and we immediately create another goal. The chase begins again. What happens when we don't meet our goal? Not only are we not satisfied, we become stressed, upset, and feel like a failure. Our life begins to lose that purpose and meaning we were striving so hard for. The video below from Dr. Russ Harris, proposes a different way to create meaning in our lives; instead of Goal-Based Living, Dr. Harris recommends that we switch to Values-Based Living. By switching to living by the values that we most resonate with (for example: love, joy, peace, strength, freedom), we can create meaning and purpose though every step of the process of trying to reach our goal. We keep moving towards our destination, AND we enjoy the journey. Values-Based Living helps us to work at achieving our goals without being crushed if we don't meet them. Check out the video and give Values-Based Living a try!

I help create a life of meaning and purpose. Contact me today to begin your healing journey.

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