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Bed Time for Kids - And Adults!

This is great post from Renew Counseling's Clinical Director, Tiffany Jones!

Sleep is super important and has direct correlation with our behavior and mood.

Read below and let's begin to get some rest.

"One of the most difficult times of the year is approaching. Children who have been out of school nearly all summer, with many having unregulated bedtimes, must now transition back into the morning schedule and return to school. For many, this time of the year is a simple process of putting back into place all the rules and structures that were there the previous year to help their kids get into a bedtime routine. For others, the routine never worked, or their children struggled to fall asleep and stayed up too late. For the children, this can lead to sleepy days at school, and over a longer period can cause both anxiety and depression.

Getting kids on a schedule is just one of the many challenges when dealing with children. Another issue is dealing with all the technology that is both allowed in the family and sometimes required by the school. Many children are now required to spend hours on a computer or tablet, doing homework and submitting material to the teacher. Research has indicated that children need to put down their technology at a minimum two hours – and three hours for good measure – before they go to bed. Creating a technology free zone is both hard and challenging as many kids have watches and phones that can text and do searches on the internet and also have requirements that schools have placed upon them to use technology for homework.  Without creating a technology free zone though, many children will struggle to relax as the light from phones, watches, tablets and computers overstimulates the brain which will cause them to doze without sleeping or be unable to settle down.

Another issue that has finally started being addressed both in school and at home is the need for activity. Because of all the technology and devices we use, many children are sedentary throughout the day. Children especially need to have exercise and movement. Research has shown that movement both stimulates the brain, allowing those who move to be more alert, but then relaxes the brain at the end of the day. Building exercise, time outside to play, or just walks through the neighborhood or any wooded area into the daily schedule consistently helps children and even adults calm down at night and get to sleep more quickly. So not only will having exercise and movement benefit the kids as they head back to school, but it will also help you during your crazy week. And exercise helps fight off both depression and anxiety in children and adults.

Doing this can be overwhelming for those who already have a busy schedule. Being able to talk to someone who can help you create a schedule for yourself and your child is essential to starting the school year off right. And investing in counseling or therapy can help your children be prepared for their day and help them deal with stress, anxiety and depression more effectively. Call or email someone at Renew Counseling today. They can help you begin developing a schedule that turns into a lifestyle that leads to years of fun together as a family."

I help with anxiety, depression, and trauma.

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