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Breaking Free from Being Stuck

This is great post from Renew Counseling's Clinical Director, Tiffany Jones!

Life can be hard sometimes...or a lot of the time, giving us a feeling of being stuck.

Read below and let's begin to get unstuck together!

"Whether you use the phrases I am stuck in a rut, I am just running in circles, or I’m in a hamster wheel, etc., the basic feelings of being stuck can be overwhelming. Most people at different times in their lives experience the feeling of being stuck. It seems to be an often normal part of life and we can regularly go through cycles when we feel trapped or stuck and then need to break free from the trap.

For some, being stuck can unfortunately lead to very dark or difficult places. I have worked with individuals who were stuck in abusive relationships. I have worked with others who were stuck in jobs that were emotionally killing them if not physically killing them. I have worked with others who were stuck in an addiction. For some, being stuck can lead to secondary issues like substance abuse, depression, or anxiety. When this happens, being stuck can become overwhelming and consuming. Sometimes, however, being stuck is just annoying when you want to move on with your life and you just cannot seem to get out of the same old repetitive patterns that have trapped you.

However, being stuck makes sense if we can sit with a trained professional and talk through what is happening. Often, we are stuck because we fear moving on from where we are. Although we may say that we want to move on with our lives, the fear of the unknown, or lack of control, can keep us trapped in the same place for years. Being stuck can also be connected to a dream or fantasy that we have wanted in our lives – the place where we are might just feel closer to that dream than where we are moving to, and thus we unconsciously choose not to move, or trip ourselves up when we try to move on. Sometimes we stay stuck because we have just grown comfortable where we are even though we no longer like it or want to move to the next level of life.

Choosing to move forward with our lives sounds good and easy but often is not. It can take work with a trained counselor or therapist to help you figure out what is keeping you trapped and stuck. It’s especially important to see a counselor if you have experienced feelings of depression or anxiety or have developed an addiction while being stuck. Seeking a counselor or therapist will help you break free from what has kept you trapped for months or years and can help prepare you for what you need so that you move forward and thrive in your life. Call or email someone from Renew Counseling today to help you break free from being stuck."

I help with anxiety, depression, and trauma.

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