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Make Space for Your Head

How much space do you feel like you have in your head?

Does it feel like you've cleaned your room by shoving all of the mess into the closet, and if someone opens the door even a little, it will all coming spilling out in an avalanche?

Maybe it's not that severe, but sometimes it can feel pretty crowded, cramped, and busy up in the ole noggin.

This is where Headspace comes in.

Headspace is another great meditation app I recommend to my clients (I'm not paid by Headspace). Where 1 Giant Mind (see this post here) is "mantra meditation", Headspace is more of "mindfulness meditation."

Mantra meditation is creating single-pointedness by focusing your attention on a simple saying that you simply repeat over and over again.

Mindfulness meditation, and in particular with the Headspace app, has you focus on your breath, following the breath in and out of your nostrils or watching the rising and falling of your abdomen.

Thoughts and feelings will come, the point is to simply notice them and return to following your breath.

Headspace has a great 10 session basics course that is free that's walks you through this process.

It has great little animations to help explain mindfulness and meditation. The meditation can be set at 3, 5, or 10 minutes. You have a choice between a male or female voice to guide you through the meditation.

Headspace will help you to understand that meditation is not about stopping our thoughts or eliminating our feelings. It's about changing our relationship with them.

The Headspace website is filled with tons of helpful articles (which I'll be sharing in future posts) too.

Go check out Headspace (you do have to pay after the first Basics course, but it's a small monthly fee) and let me know about your experience:

I help people with anxiety, depression, and trauma.

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